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iRm series...

Think outside the box and roast your coffee with our
air technology

Features & Benefits


  • Stainless steel construction.

  • Roasting procedure: hot air produced at the base of the machine

  • Absence of cast-in fittings

Five Global Innovations coffee roast machines

Full Stainless Steel

Five Global Innovations

Low Maintenance coffeetech

Low Maintenance

Machinery Operation coffee machine sale

Machinery Operation


Durability Coffeetool


Better Taste roasting coffee

Better Taste

Low Acrylamide Best Coffee Bean Roaster Machine

Low Acrylamide

Easy Way of Handling Coffeetool

Easy Way of Handling

Customer Call Center coffee roasting machines

Customer Call Center

Fuel Economy coffee roaster

Fuel Economy (-50%)

Steady Drum

8 minutes Pre-Heat

Mixed geometry Drum


Exhaust Tube

8 minutes Pre-Heat

High speed & volume of air


Desing with help of Dassault Solidworks software

download (1).png

Roasting procedure: hot air produced at the base of the machine
Burner power: 45 - 75 - 100 - 150 - 450 - 800 kw
Thermal Insulation Capacity: 92%
Material drum - silo: SS-304 (inox)
Base material: SS-304 (inox)
Absence of cast-in fittings
Certified construction materials (CE)
PLC Omron
Touch Screen Omron
Automation and Programming Software
Pneumatic piston (drum door, silo door, base)
Ability to make recipes during roasting
Fully automated operation
Possibility of remote control and communication with cropster and artisan

Electrostatic smokeless filter

  • Small

(Smokeless) air supply: 2500 m3/h device dimensions(mm):  540 x 694 x 620

weight:  55 kg light uv ozon: 1 x 65w Maximum power:  50 w

  • Medium

(Smokeless) air supply: 5000 m3/h device dimensions(mm): 

540 x 1243 x 620 weight:  90 kg light uv ozon: 1 x 75w Maximum power:  75 w

  • Large

(Smokeless) air supply: 7500 m3/h device dimensions(mm):  540 x 1790 x 620

weight:  122 kg light uv ozon: 1 x 90w Maximum power:  105 w

  • X-large

(Smokeless) air supply: 10000 m3/h device dimensions(mm):  540 x 2338 x 620

weight:  154 kg light uv ozon: 1 x 90w Maximum power:  122 w

_iRM_20_70 (4000 × 2133 px) (6000 × 3200 px).jpg
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