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Our Management Team


Papadopoulos Ioannis


​Product 3D Mechanical Designer

Lamprinidis Stavros  I.P.-CC

Lamprinidis Stavros

R&D Department / Brand Ambassador  

AST SCA Trainer
SCA Coffee diploma 
WCE Certified Judge 
Education Cordinator SCA Hellas

R&D Department /Brand Ambassador iRm Roast Machines 
B/B Consulting 
New Develompent Products Deparment , Head Barista trainer VIVARTIA
WCIC World Cezve Ibrik Champion 2014 Rimini Italy
WCIC 2nd place 2013 Istanbul Turkey
WCIC 2nd place 2012 Vienna Austria 
WCIC 3rd place 2010 London England 
WCIGS World Champion Coffee In Good Spirits 2nd place 2012Seoul Korea
WCIGS Cologne 2009
Finalist World Draught Master Stella Artois 2011 Buoenos Aires Argentina
Finalist World Raising Bar by DIAGEO 2010 Athens Greece

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