IRm is a high tech coffee roasting machine whose operating and manufacturing philosophy differs from the usual and widespread way of making coffee roasting machines.

Initially what the user will notice when observing any iRm machine is that the material is different because all parts of the machine are made of stainless steel suitable for food processing. In contrast, most - if not all - of the roast machines are made of cast iron on the inside and steel on the outside.

Construction material is very important for many reasons and a roaster should pay great attention to it before investing. It is very clear, that when a material such as inox has no oxidation on its surface and inside, the service life of the machine rises sharply. Also, those roasters specializing in speciality coffees immediately realize that the stainless steel surfaces of the iRm machine give the coffee absolute purity of taste since oxidation and flavours from each cycle are completely absent.

Then, by observing an iRm from a mechanical standpoint, we will find that its advantages are a) the absence of welding and b) the fact that its assembly is carried out exclusively with screws and nuts, which are tied together.
From the above, it is easily understood that the maintenance of the iRm machine is carried out with great ease and speed. All machine components are designed using Dassault Solidworks software with an absolute accuracy of tenths of a millimetre.

Also, the machine's cooling mixer acts as a standalone piece, which is not attached to the main chassis, allowing easy cleaning and maintenance as well as the flexibility to transport the machine. Besides, the general temperature of the main machine is not transmitted to the cooling mixer, which in combination with its stainless steel construction material, contributes to the efficient and rapid cooling of roasted coffee beans.